Engineered, Environmentally Responsible
Plastic Film Products

Petoskey Plastics, the parent company of Greencore® Products, is a company committed to providing the highest quality products using innovative sustainable manufacturing practices. We first began recycling in 1978 and haven’t stopped thinking green.   We specialize in engineered, environmentally responsible plastic film products for the automotive, automotive aftermarket, retail and custom packaging markets.
Hartford City, IN is the location of our plastic film recycling plant that recycles approximately 3 million pounds of post-consumer plastic film every month. This recycling facility provides post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin made from collected plastic bags, film and stretch film that has been diverted from landfills. Petoskey Plastics then uses this PCR resin to produce new eco-friendly plastic bags and film products, much of which goes into the Greencore® product line.
“Our goal is to include recycled materials to the greatest extent possible, whenever possible, in our products. “Mr. Paul Keiswetter, President & CEO

How Do We Recycle?

Our Closed-Loop Recycling Program

It’s a smart way for your business to optimize its bag an film use, because it saves you money and helps the environment in the process.
This sustainable system allows you to capture maximum value from the purchase and recycling of post-use plastic film.


We collect and bale used plastic film at your site, recycle it, and ship it to our plant location to then sandwich it between our outer layers of virgin resin.


Post-consumer plastic is recycled in our state-of-the-art facility in Hartford City, IN and manufactured into GreenPe® Resin that is then used to make blown film and bag products.


Being a recycled product, our engineered bags cost less, perform better, and are better for the environment.

Important Little Things.

Or maybe not so little. 
Our commitment to the environment is not just talk. We make things happen.
Since 1975, when we began producing plastic in beautiful northern Michigan, we have relentlessly pursued cleaner manufacturing, more recycled content in our products, and increased efficiency – and we help our customers do the same. Our Greencore® Closed-Loop Program takes post-consumer plastic out of the waste stream and puts it back into customer products, making our high-performance polyethylene products good for our customers and good for the environment.
Year after year, we rethink our processes, re-evaluate our standards, and recommit ourselves to a cleaner world.

Quality and Performance Certification Marks

At Petoskey Plastics, we are serious about our product quality and performance. 

Innovative Manufacturing

We excel at working with customers to develop custom-engineered solutions to their product needs.

All of our custom-engineered products share common attributes: innovation, performance and value for our customers. 

Eco-Friendly Polyethylene

Our exclusive, vertically integrated manufacturing process creates high-performance polyethylene products that are good for our customers and good for the environment.

Our products can be made with up to 70% SCS Certified post-consumer recycled plastic and exceed EPA recycled content requirements.

Guaranteed quality and durability.

Dependable Service

Petoskey Plastics is a world-class supplier of engineered flexible plastics. We pride ourselves in offering multi-site manufacturing facilities and in-house quality labs at each location.

You can count on us to deliver products on time, in full and of the highest quality. 


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